Innocence Of Islam, Jews and US Government

A few days earlier, a movie called ‘Innocence of Islam’ became viral in Youtube throughout the world. The movie was just not the worst movie ever made but trying to depict Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.h) in such disgrace was just unforgivable.

Although UN clearly stated to defy Religious Prosecution under the Universal Declaration of Human Right, but it seems the declaration will not be applied if the group or individual are Muslim.

For me, it is not new for Jews to abuse Prophet Muhammad since he is not sent among them. By all means he is an Arab and not Son of Israel like Isaac, Jacob, Joseph or Moses. If we go throughout the history, the Jews was not just abused and boycott the all Prophets sent to them but they even killed them. This act of violent was passed down from one generation to another.

But still the world is fooled by their play to gain sympathy from the Holocaust story. Until now anybody who opposed the big bluff Holocaust will be called anti Semitic and it considered wrong. Why does the people who against Islam are not considered as wrong as well?

As for the US Government, they might seem strong and mighty but when it comes to oppression against Islam they choose to be silence. Starting from the inside job of 9/11 they clearly showed the world how they act upon Muslim in Afghanistan and Iraq. The ‘War against Terrorist’ merely a mask to cover the true face of their illegal actions.

 In Islam we will never do anything to show disrespect towards Moses (Jews) or Jesus (Christians) because both of them are our leaders (Imam) and Prophet sent by Allah for the mankind. Instead, we are taught to love and cherish them as well as Muhammad. But, it is just sad when some of the Jews and Christians show much hatred and disrespect towards Muhammad.

When we trace back this problem, we will see it is ‘Power’, ‘Wealth’ and ‘Glory’ that man craved so much had ignited this war long way ago. Man will not stop the quest to search those things until they see the Earth is crumbling and it is the Judgement Day.


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