Everybody Draw Mohammed Day: A trigger to war

When Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) went to Syam with his uncle Abu Thalib for a business trip they met a priest named Buhaira, said to the prophet “He has the sign of the last messenger of Allah. He will bring the true preaching and belief of Moses (Musa a.s), Abraham (Ibrahim a.s), and Jesus (Isa a.s). He also will be the enemy for the non believers (kafir).”

In the life of our beloved Prophet Muhammad, the kafirs have arranged a lot of plot to destroy Prophet Muhammad and Islam as well. They even try to murder, poison, and declare war against him. They have tried their best to sabotage him.

Today, the kafirs once more try to set people to get against Prophet Muhammad. They have made a day which called “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” on 20th May. The idea of this day was originated from MOLLY NORRIS a cartoonist lived in Seattle. Her original illustration, which had a series of cartoon characters including a talking pasta box that said "I am Mohammed and I taste good" and a dog-shaped purse, originally listed May 20 as the date of the event. When it was released a few days earlier the poster quickly went viral and sparked a Facebook group and a lot of internet chatter.

The insensitiveness of this Norris woman of the Muslims has triggered a war. After she get a threat from a web of Muslims that condemned her doing she replied

“I make cartoons about current, cultural events. I made a cartoon of a fictional ’poster’ entitled “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day!” with a nonexistent group’s name — Citizens Against Citizens Against Humor — drawn on the cartoon. It was in specific response to the recent censoring of a South Park episode, a desire to bring home the importance of the first amendment. I did not intend for my cartoon to go viral. I did not intend to be the focus of any ’group’. This particular cartoon has struck a gigantic nerve, something I was totally unprepared for.”

Suddenly Michael Moynihan, an editor at Reason magazine has encouraged his readers to send in their drawings of Mohammed which he says he will post on May 20.

“If readers would like to show their solidarity, please email your Mohammad masterpieces to me here: mmoynihan at reason.com. The best ones will be published on Hit & Run, which, along with the concomitant death threat, is reward enough.”

Now we can see how cruel and injustice they were to us muslims. As though we have murder their family or condemd their beliefs or gods. We are Muslims and we should be more sensitive with this issue. Let us together be a better Muslim so that we get Allah’s and Prophet Muhammad’s love and rahmat. We shall together stand and fight about this issue. We must do what in our power to protest such as boycott the kafir’s product and we write all over Facebook, Twitter or blogs about how we protest. We shall kill the damn that has make joke of our prophet. We should kill them together with our own hands. May Allah give the best price to both of them of their insensitive doing. Amin….


Rasulullah S. A. W. telah bersabda yang bermaksud : "Sesiapa yang memelihara solat, maka solat itu sebagai cahaya baginya, petunjuk dan jalan selamat dan barangsiapa yang tidak memelihara solat, maka sesungguhnya solat itu tidak menjadi cahaya, dan tidak juga menjadi petunjuk dan jalan selamat baginya."

Rasulullah S. A. W telah bersabda bahawa : "10 orang solatnya tidak diterima oleh Allah S. W. T, antaranya :

1. Orang lelaki yang solat sendirian tanpa membaca sesuatu.

2. Orang lelaki yang mengerjakan solat tetapi tidak mengeluarkan zakat.

3. Orang lelaki yang menjadi imam, padahal orang yang menjadi makmum membencinya.

4. Orang lelaki yang melarikan diri.

5. Orang lelaki yang minum arak tanpa mahu meninggalkannya (Taubat).

6. Orang perempuan yang suaminya marah kepadanya.

7. Orang perempuan yang mengerjakan solat tanpa memakai tudung.

8. Imam atau pemimpin yang sombong dan zalim menganiaya.
9. Orang-orang yang suka makan riba'.

10. Orang yang solatnya tidak dapat menahannya dari melakukan perbuatan yang keji dan mungkar.

Sabda Rasulullah S. A. W yang bermaksud : "Barang siapa yang solatnya itu tidak dapat menahannya dari melakukan perbuatan keji dan mungkar, maka sesungguhnya solatnya itu hanya menambahkan kemurkaan Allah S. W. T dan jauh dari Allah." Hassan r. a berkata : "Kalau solat kamu itu tidak dapat menahan kamu dari melakukan perbuatan mungkar dan keji, maka sesungguhnya kamu dianggap orang yang tidak mengerjakan solat. Dan pada hari kiamat nanti solatmu itu akan dilemparkan semula ke arah mukamu seperti satu bungkusan kain tebal yang buruk.

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this is my grandparent (mother's side) house. Tn Hj Megat Soffian bin Uda Kassim and Puan Hajah Jariah bt Mohd Yusof. Built in year around 1950. This house were very nostalgic. In the early years of this house it was built like other traditional house which are built away from the ground. It only have 2 bedrooms. This house were situated in Kampung Pendiat, Bota Kanan, Perak at the Perak River's bank which make this house have a very good panoramic view.

For the wedding of my uncle, Megat Abdul Hamid, the lower part of the house were added (about the late year of 1970). My grandparents now do not live in the house anymore but yet the house still can be lived in.

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