My Mother

My mother. A simple woman with A LOT OF EXTRAORDINARY WAYS of thinking. For me, she is an iron lady. Her strength and courage makes me wonder, do I inherit such?

When she was a young lady, she was just a assistant of lab technologist in Hosppital Pekan, Pahang. Back then in late 70's Pekan was really a rural area. And she was living all by herself. I can't imagine how she was 700 km away from home and then live in the "HUTAN". According to my Pak We Din (my mother's oldest brother) said that a married man was crazy about my mother. He even tried to peek my mother when she was changing shirt or even worst taking bath! That means my mother was really a beautiful woman. (as she always beautiful now and forever)

She met my father when she was 31. They get married and a year later get ME! As 20 years I have been my mother's son, I never heard of her complaint about her children especially me. Although I am the worst. She work night and day. Even when I'm writing this right now she was in her office working (on call).

Every month from her salary she always allocated some for saving. NOT only for herself but also for children. Suddenly, all I know I have an account with my name that contain nearly 10,000 ringgit. For some 10k is a small amount, but for her, my mother with her little earning is hard to believe. How she manage to do such, I don't know.

Everyday, she will wake up at 5 in the morning and prepare breakfast for the family and already cook the lunch (since she is a career woman, she make the lunch in the morning). Not a day in my life there is no breakfast to eat in the morning. Then in the evening, she will do the laundry. She then will spare some times reading Koran or do the chores. Or she will spare the time for us and nag about our stubbornness.

All her patient, courage, ideas and other qualities makes me very proud to have her as my mother. I could not wish another for my mother. Mak Along sayang mak...

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Pakistan, Chinese, and Royal Kelantanese from my father's side. Bugis, Indian and Bendahara Megat Terawis ancestry from my mother's side

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I like to write. I love it. I write what I think. Thinking is a way of greatness.

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