There was a time in my life, when I made several mistakes. Mistakes that I’m now have to live with it. Sometimes I wonder, what if I don’t do such a thing, would I be like this, or like that? Like this or like that? Where would I stand now if I don’t do such that mistakes?

To err is human, to forgive is divine. I am a normal person with baggage of my own but I’m trying to make amends of my mistakes. I try to let go some of my past and build a new life here. There is regret in my life which I need to resolve it. I’m no better than anyone. I can assure you.

Some people try to drag me back into the place which I swear I will never go back, but one can only pray. People will always look back into my life and feel disgusted, and nothing I can do about that. But by focusing my future, I hope I can achieve something good in the life.

It’s in my nature to forgive most of bad things people did towards me. I like to hold no grudges.  I did that because I always wanted to move on with my life. One can always be patience but not forever. If some measures must be taken into just to make sure no one get hurt, so I will do it.

When people ‘hit’ me once or twice I always find a way to forgive them, but when they intentionally try to push my button again and again, trying to embarrass me or hurt my family or my loved one, then and only then I will make them learned a lesson.  A lesson which they will never forget.

Forgive and forget. 

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Pakistan, Chinese, and Royal Kelantanese from my father's side. Bugis, Indian and Bendahara Megat Terawis ancestry from my mother's side

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I like to write. I love it. I write what I think. Thinking is a way of greatness.

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