A Friend In Need, Is A Friend Indeed

Sometimes I felt very sad, how my friend forgotten me. Nobody want to be forgotten. Even me. But the most part is when we are forgotten by the person that we treasure very much. I'm the person that would do anything for friendship (not really everything but most everything). Believe me, I rather lost a million dollar rather that a friend that I love.

It happens last Tuesday. I asked my this particular friend to accompany me to look around the sandcastle competition. But suddenly another lady asked me to take her picture with the sandcastle. I gripped his hand (my friend's hand) and i said "Wait me for a second, this lady asked me to take her picture." But eventually, heartlessly he left me and went around without me.

Some may say I was stupid to get angry (I won't care ). But this is the simplest question of loyalty and friendship. Would he help me if I'm in trouble if this simple thing he can't do it? How his selfishness left me behind? I was not and will not get angry. But I felt neglected (the feeling that everybody will fear of it).

I hate to be left behind especially by me own friend. Friends should stick together weather in good or bad. Friends should never left their friend together because DAMN!! they are your friend!!

A friend in need is a friend indeed. exactly??

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