Solve The Problems - Part 3


How far people believe with symbol? We can see most of us tent to believe the symbol more towards the true intention of something. A symbol is also show the status or level of someone or something. Actually a symbol is a symbol itself, no less or more. In solving the problems, big or small we sometimes need these type of booster to help us to motivate ourselves to settle it down.

Take the wedding ring or engagement ring for example. People look it as the symbol of owning or possessing the love of ours. But the fact is, the relationship itself is the true meaning among the all. If you love somebody and purpose to the girl or a boy and give a ring to them, do the ring is really the thing? The ring is useless without the relationship either wedding or engagement. Now, we can clearly see how symbol give a big impact just to reaffirm to something.

This we would do to solve the problem. Write names of people that have give you the hard time or problem that still unresolved. Burn it. Yes! BURN IT. Believe it. But remember! The problem is yet not settle but IT WILL!! This type of motivation give you more "positive charge" to overcome the problem.

I've tried it myself, and I found it very soothing and relieving. It feel as I was free from a death sentence. Apart from that I always remind myself to work upon the problem. It is we to choose not the problem. So choose now or never!!


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