Solve The Problems - Part 2


The basic rule of SOLVING PROBLEM to know who we are. We must know what are our ability, strength, specialty and as well as our bad side. By knowing all this traits we can analyze ourselves and make a good decision how to solve the problem. Other reason we should know who we are is because we can optimize or boost the "function" in ourselves. I would like to tell you a story so you can make this clear.

On a very long drought, when the water is hardly found, an old crow were flying looking for some water. Because of his oldness he was left behind by the other birds since all of them are migrating to find other place that have water. Suddenly he found a bottle of water stuck between two rocks. He then, look at the bottle and try to drink it by putting his beck into the mouth of the bottle. It was hopeless. His beck was too big and the mouth of the bottle is too narrow. He can't reach the water. The old crow then think how could he could drink from the bottle. Suddenly he get an idea! He try to collect some small rocks and put it into the bottle. As the rock were put into the bottle, the water level rises. At last, the old crow can drink the water from the bottle to overcome the thirstiness.

Try to look at the old crow. Look at his weakness when he try to drink from the bottle. He have a big beck that can't fit into the mouth of the bottle. But try to know who he was. He was a BIRD. The old crow then try to use his specialty as a bird to manipulate the situation and problem. He collect small rocks by his "too big" beck so that he can make the water level rises so he can drink.

This is how we know ourselves. Take a pen and a piece of paper. List all the weakness that you have. Then list your strength. Be honest to yourself. No one know if you are lying but you know it. Put it neat to your bed so you can see it every time you walk into the room. Analyze all the strength and the weakness. Never feel down when you list more weakness that the strength. It is normal.

Remember, problems is not an opportunity to turn a blind eye or to run away. Face it! Embrace it! Solve it! Conquer it!


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