Solve The Problems - Part 1

Life was never as easy as Fairy Tale. After some obstacle and pain, met with the suitable soul mate and SNAP!! "They live happily ever after". The End. However the reality is more hard and attempting. Some may drive away all the problems easily while some struggle so hard. The more the conflict the interesting your life are.

When I face my own conflict in my life I try to look it very positively. Try to change the point in to a better point of view. For instance when I failed an exam I tried to look it as my opportunity to change my style of study. To do so, we must compel ourselves to look it positively. In every problems occur try to find the positive value. Look for the turning point because every problems occur just to give us the "point". Believe me, it is giving us a clear hint about the "point" .Up to us whether to take it or not

The problem and conflict also an experience to us as we try to overcome it. Whether we manage to solve it or not, it will dissolve and become a part of our very own chapter of our life. Each one of it, will make us a better person, more mature and more open minded. For example, if you were breaking up with your boyfriend or girlfriend, the next time you are you will be more careful and mature to deal with the relationship.

Most book in the book store about psychology or how deal our problem offer some way that sometime cost us a lot of money such as go for a holiday, or second honeymoon, or a moving to a new environment (some make excuses to get a new house which is very pocket flattening). But today, I try my best to give away all the magical solution that will cost you all is your guts, cooperation, commitment and as well as changing the habit.

It is not easy to change but together we try and strive as we make ourselves the better person. To realize this may take time maybe weeks, months, or even year. But to see the result I may say "Satisfaction Guaranteed".


hafiz atan January 5, 2011 at 11:18 PM  

"..I try to look it very positively"...
I will

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