I miss my old time. My old life. How the old time can be very nostalgic now. Every single story happen in my life make me a new person I'm. When I looked back at my old diary, or school's year book, i do wonder where are now my dearly friends.

Miss Rozyrah Ahmad Ramly (my English Language teacher when I'm in form 5) said "Friend is like pearl. First they are just the sand enters the oyster. It cause the oyster to irritate. Then after a long time being, it the filthy sand turn into a very beautiful precious pearl."

That is how friend are. They enter our life, give us problems of theirs then after time to time the friendship were so valuable and can never be replace.

How could I forget all my friends in that school (Sekolah Menengah Sains Teluk Intan@SEMESTI). Everyone of them etched in my very own heart. Yassin, Taufiq, Amir Fazwan, Fauzy, Hafizi, Rahim, Faizuddin, Kamal, Hafeez, Hafizuddin, Shahirah, Athirah, Naimah, Wirdah, Nabila, Fatinah and all my lovely friends from 21st Batch. Most of them challenged me as a friend must but when they defended me, they show me the quality of a true friend. They stood what is right although it is against my will just to show me the right choice in my life as well when they stood foe me. I share laughter and cries with them. To be who I'm now, it is them whom lend a hand. I miss them with all my heart....

New place, new friend. But it is hard to say because I'm yet not see the true colour of them. It is time that can value a friendship. As time goes by, the value of friendship will elevate (for me I'm quite sure). Sometimes when I watched "MERLIN" the TV series from BBCE, I said to myself, do i have a friendship like Merlin, Arthur, Morgana and Guinevere? (based the TV series). One day, perhaps.....


insankamil January 26, 2010 at 11:15 PM  

damak, jgn r wat aku cdey...nak nangis bace...teringat kat mama rozy...waktu bi..mmg best...x mcm kat cni..kawan2 yg kawan dgn aku,majoritinyer kawan sbb nk amik kesempatan..mayb sbb aku rajin,pandai ckit dr deme..x jumpe lg kawan2 cm kome...cdey nyer...

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