MFS. Mathematics For Science. Actually additional mathematics which I despise so much. I was always get low marks in the class, since in the high school. Luckily this subject do not have any paper for examination. And the best part is our class (Science July 2009 Intake) have Tuan Haji Zulkifli bin Abdul Rahman as our lecturer. He is a prodigy!

At first we are just having chat. A casual chat about matrices since we are working on some questions. After that we are moving to more serious topics, such as the Islamic environment in the campus, students problems and a lot others. As we chat suddenly we reach to the "Usrah" topics.

Usrah is a word from arabic which means family. This concept was applied into dakwah method. From my research, Usrah is the best method of counselling. From 3 ways to convey Islamic information; Usrah, Speech, or Forum most teenagers feel more comfortable in the Usrah way's. This ways is more relaxing and carefree and the talk can be conduct in various ways. Believe me, Usrah can give a big impact in our life. I take it from someone who have experience of it.

Back to the future. Then suddenly, Tuan Haji Zulkifli propose us to join him for Usrah and he is willingly be our mentor. It is a chance out which is one in a million. Why not??! Without hesitation, (my mouth working faster than my mind) I gave him a "yes". I hope by having a Usrah in my timetable will keep me closer to Allah Azzawajalla.. Amin~

Remarkable Person In My Life

I've seen and met many people in my life. But there are some so "remarkable" in either good or bad ways that they manage to make their name etched in my head. They may give effect in my life or just like parasite in my life (my choose).

1st person
He was a man with virtue. He gave big impact in my life. Most of my stand now were from his guidance. He show me how to be good although we were been hurt. This man elevated me from just his friend, I'm his brother. He is always a brother that I never have. His love were my strength. When I was in pain, he offered me a shoulder to cry. He will always have a place in my heart.

2nd person
He were a best friend of mine. He is my sidekick, my accomplice, and my complement as well. He always support me in everything I do. He challenge me as a friend should and defend me when I need it. Sometimes I wonder how our path lies together until now, he is working for his dream that is same with mine. He is a friend that I will never replace. A friend in need is a friend indeed.

3rd persons
Both of them were my private counselor. They give advices in my life and make my life more colourful. Although it is time that value a friendship, but in my case, the common make we feel very belonging with each other. There were no secrets between us. Even in my love life, it was them that i was always consult.

4th person
He was my biggest enemy ever. We compete each other. Instead of hating each other, we became closest friend ever. He is one in a million. The motivation he shows me, keep me from falling apart. We always share. Anything. Most everything. His victory in various field always make me envy and will motivate me to work harder. We share a black history in our life. Hope it may keep us from astray.

Those people are, Muhamad Fauzy Khairy Khairuddin, Mohd Taufiq Mohd Desa, Nor Nabila Zubir, Fatinah Ahmad Zulfa, and Muhammad Noor Yassin Mohd Yusof

Taubat Seorang Hamba

Hati hiba mengenangkan
Dosa-dosa yang kulakukan
Oh Tuhan Maha Kuasa
Terima taubat hamba berdosa

Ku akui kelemahan diri
Ku insafi kekurangan ini
Ku kesali kejahilan ini
Terimalah, terimalah, terimalah
Taubatku ini

Telah aku merasakan
derita jiwa dan perasaan
Kerana hilang dari jalan
menuju redha-Mu ya Tuhan

Di hamparan ini ku meminta
moga taubatku diterima

p/s : this song was very touching. this is specially dedicated to all my dearly friends

What Do You Make As A Teacher

The dinner guest were sitting around the table and discussing about life. One man, a CEO of a big company, decided to explain the problem with education.

He argued,"What is the kid going to learn from someone who decided his best option in life was to became a teacher?"

He reminded the other dinner guest that it is true what they say about teachers "Those who can do, Those who can teach."

To corroborate, he says to another guest: "You are a teacher Susan," he said. "Be honest what do you make?"

Susan, who had reputation of honesty and frankness, replied "You want to know what I make?"

"I make kids work harder than they ever thought they could. I can make a C+ feel like a Congressional Medal of Honour and an A- feel like a slap in the face if the student did not do his or her best,"

"I can make kids sit through 40 minutes of study hall in absolute silence,"

"I can make parents tremble in fear when call home,"

"You want to know what I make?"

"I make kids wonder,"

"I make them question,"

"I make them criticize,"

"I make them apologise and mean it,"

"I make them write,"

"I make them read, read, read,"

"I make them spell definitely beautiful, definitely beautiful, and definitely beautiful over and over and over again until they will never misspell either of those words again,"

"I make them show all their work in math and hide hide it all in their final draft in English,"

"I elevate them to experience music and art and the joy in performance, so their lives are rich, full of kindness and culture, and they take pride in themselves and their performance,"

"I make them understand if you have the brain, then follow your heart... and if someone ever tries to judge you by what you make, you pay the no attention,"

"You want to know what I make?"

"I make a difference!!"

"What about you?"

This is specially dedicated to all my beloved teacher in Sekolah Kebangsaan Methodist Tanjung Malim, Sekolah Kebangsaan Slim River and Sekolah Menengah Sains Teluk Intan. And last but not least, to fellow friends that is now "Teacher In Train", Taufiq, Hafizuddin, Izzat, Zaim, Fakrul, Faez, and Ashikin.

This article was contributed by Miss Shakila Dewi from Perak Matriculation College

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