Solve The Problem - Part 6


Oh Hail The Queen! Gloria Gaynor I meant. HAHAHAH! Nice song. Really! How many people will dance maniacally while listening this song? I know I do!! But that is not the main agenda of this entry. We are going to make the next step of getting better. Yes! I Will Survive! Make it your theme song. Play it on and on. Sing it loud. Be with the music. Get with the lyric. Feel free to dance. (this is the new and improvised version, i like this better)

Why I say so? Most of us, when facing problems, heartbroken or disappointed we tend to turn to sad or melancholic song to what say it? Comfort us?? That is bull!! Listening to sad song never make us feel better is just put the worst to it. Believe me, there is no good can come from listening sad song when we are already down.

Just believe the healing power of the music. Why I chose ‘I Will Survive’? Have you read the lyrics sister?? Oh my god! It is inspirational and full of confidence. If you think this song is quite too-drag-queen-type-song feel free to choose other. As long the song you choose is catchy, motivational, and don’t have those stupid sad lyrics, it is okay.

Music actually helps us to get through to the problem we already in. Chose the right music. It is okay to feel sad, but it doesn’t mean that we should stick with the same loser, miserable person. By music we can help to heal and mend the broken heart. And always remember Michael Caine said to Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality (Oh my dear! I love this movie!!)

Smiler wear a crown, loser wear a frown.

So choose music that can make you smile~

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