Solve The Problems - Part 5


Sometimes when we are dealing with problems, often we feel sad. Well, it is normal. If you don’t... so there must be something wrong with you. HAHAHAHAH~ psychopath maybe!~

Have you ever heard the phrase “CRY YOUR HEART OUT”? Well literally it is nonsense but, semantically it is quite logic. Often we lost someone or something or even find a dead end to solve our problem make we cry. Just cry out sister!! It is ok. Ignore all naysayer! To hell with them!! They never get the pain and sadness you are in.

Cry is the most simple and cheapest therapy ever exists in the world. Fret not to cry! It somehow will mend your heart, ease you, and put a relief to your worries. The magic of tears is hard to understand but, it is exist. The analogy is like this, the tears is like the fireman’s water that shunt down the fire of our worries in our heart.

Can men cry too? Hell yeah!! HAHAHA~ But just try to be discreet. I just say so because most of men have their ego. They afraid of losing their macho-ness and manly quality. Just for your information, crying make no less man of you are, but it make you human that have emotions.

But always remember, never cry for too long or your tears will dry out like Kassim Selamat in P.Ramlee’s famous movie “Ibu Mertuaku”. Cry to ease your pain. Cry to help you mend your heart. If people mock you because of your crying just shout out loud

“I’m crying I’m okay!!”


iekasub February 5, 2012 at 10:34 AM  

nice entry u got here. i feel like crying. hihi :p

Fina February 5, 2012 at 8:21 PM  

n i love the pic..

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