1. Reading (books, novel, magazine)
2. Loyalty and understanding FRIENDs
3. Harry Potter (I LOVE MAGIC!!)

4. The Nanny (very nice sitcom!!!)

5. Hanging out with my MAK!!! Precious time ever!!!
6. Chemistry and Biology (well my physics sucks since school)
7. Present and Gift.....better on my birthday!!! hahahah!
8. CHOCOLATE (very good thing to bribe me)
9. Football!!! VIVA ARSENAL!!!!
10. RUGBY!!! (well it was my passion until it "broke" my back
11. Swimming, canoeing, water sport.... I'm no good but I love to do it
12. Jungle trekking....looking forward for Taman Negara Pahang
13. Cooking ( I bet I can cook better than my my female classmate)
14. Mountain Climbing anybody count me in!!!
15. Merlin!!! again with the magic
16. Understanding other language (now i can speak a little on Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Germany and Javanese)
17. Celine Dion~ she have soul!!
18. Vacation or Holiday!!
19. Driving~
20. Say "I love you" to the people i treasure so much


1. LIAR!!!! never lie to me or I will never look upon you forever!!
2. LEFT BEHIND BY MY OWN FRIEND!!!! who like this??
3. People neglected me especially my best friend
4. Snake in any form!!! eeeuuuwhhh!!!
5. Ungratefulness
6. Been deceive
7. Beauty with no brain-Beauty with no manners-UGLY AND NO MANNERS!!!!
8. No money@broke
9. Loud on mouth, slow in action.
10. LAZY PEOPLE!!! Get out from my atmosphere!!!
11. Stupid,Cruel,Bastard,Power Hunger politician
12. people disturb me reading~ HELL WITH YOU
13. Get angry course if I do the cost is severe
14. Virus, Malware!! damn all!!!
15. ?Bad Hair Day???
16. Copycat~
17. people who disturb my serenity and peaceful life
18. Window shopping~ why don't just grab it and pay??
19. Losing something precious
20. Trespasser


insankamil April 13, 2010 at 6:54 PM  

ko x tambah nama aku....I like topek....hahahahaa...kecik ati...

zumiela7 April 25, 2010 at 5:18 PM  

like :: damak

dislike :: damak tooo

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